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The State EMS system functions through regions. There are 17 Regional EMS Councils responsible for:

  • the establishment of emergency medical technician courses; making determinations of public need for the establishment of additional emergency medical services and ambulance services; and
  • recommending to the department approval of training course sponsors within its region; and
  • developing, promulgating and implementing annually an EMS training plan which addresses the needs of the WEREMSCO region; and
  • approving regional medical advisory committee (REMAC) nominees; and
  • identifying a program agency to support the functions of the WEREMSCO and REMAC

These councils are an important part of making our EMS System work. In the area we are recruiting, we have two councils, Big Lakes Regional EMS Council and Wyoming-Erie Regional EMS Council

These two Regional EMS Councils cover Erie, Wyoming, Niagara, Genesee, and Orleans Counties. Participation within the EMS Councils is important to the readiness and functions of our EMS System. If you are interested in joining an EMS Council fee free to contact us and we can help point you in the right direction.

Serving Genesee, Niagara and Orleans Counties Serving Wyoming and Erie Counties


WREMAC serves the Big Lakes, Southwestern, and Wyoming-Erie Regional Emergency Medical Services Councils (REMSCOs). These regions include Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Orleans, Niagara, and Wyoming counties.

The purposes of the WREMAC is to: Develop policies, procedures, and triage, treatment, and transportation protocols, which are consistent with the standards of the State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC); Establish standards for physicians to operate as pre-hospital Medical Directors; Train and approve physicians who provide online medical control to EMS in our area; Coordinate the development of a Regional Medical Control System; and Provide oversight in Quality Improvement activities addressing system-wide concerns.

WREMAC is an advisory committee serving the three REMSCOs of Big Lakes, Southwestern, and Wyoming-Erie. The WREMAC shall work independently of the REMSCOs in matters of medicine and shall work collaboratively with said REMSCOs in discharging all other duties of the REMSCOs.

For more information about the WREMAC visit their website :

Program Agency

EMS program agency may be responsible for facilitating quality improvement of emergency medical care within its region, staffing the regional emergency medical advisory committees provided for in section three thousand four of Article 30, providing prehospital education programs approved by the department, and other activities to support and facilitate regional emergency medical services systems. The Program Agency is basically the fulltime administrative hand to the Regional Council.